Beesley Creates Interactive Islands to Imitate Human Sensations

 - Dec 23, 2013
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As part of the Inaugural Aleph Exhibition held at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul, South Korea, Canadian architecture studio Philip Beesley Architect Incorporated (PBAI) has created a digital chamber called the 'Epiphyte Chamber' that attempts to imitate human sensations through subtle movements. The cave-like space house small clusters of interactive and intelligent systems that relies on the human touch to trigger breathing, swallowing and caressing movements.

An Epiphyte is a non-parasitic plant that relies on nutrition and moisture which is absorbed from the air. The Epiphyte Chamber is an interactive installation designed to analyze and explore digital fabrication, intelligent technologies and artificial intelligence.

The structure was designed to envision a cluster of interconnected floating spaces that are intricately interwoven together while it breathes. The chamber attempts to provide us with an answer to some of science's complex theories from microorganism activity to intergalactic spaces.