The 'Epipi' EpiPen Enhances the Equipment to Ensure Proper Dosage

 - Jul 21, 2017
References: yankodesign
Standard EpiPens haven't changed much over the years, to the 'Epipi' looks to do so in a manner that keeps users safe by streamlining the usage capabilities. The 'Epipi' EpiPen works by being twisted to be activated and depressed into the thigh as a regular one would be. An incorporated medication reservoir indicator lets you know just how much has been used so you know when the dosage has been properly administered.

The 'Epipi' EpiPen features a rigid casing to enable those who need to carry one around with them to simply toss it in their bag without having to worry about it breaking or leaking. The 'Epipi' is the conceptual design work of Harry Moorman.