'Enmeshed With the Fishermen' Catches Attention With Delicate Detail

 - Jun 19, 2012
References: bielawska.de & notcot.org
Minimalist crockery does a brilliant job of allowing the visual magnificence of a freshly made meal to stand out. Having said that, tableware collections like 'Enmeshed With the Fishermen' ensure that your dinner guests won't be underwhelmed by the spread before them, as this set of dishes flaunts some splendid silhouettes and subtle but exquisite textures.

Olga Bielawska made these serving and salad bowls from pristine porcelain, giving them gorgeously flat circular sides and beautifully beveled bases. Their signatures, however, are in their changing diamond-patterned finishes that have resulted from warped netting being pressed into the previously soft material. Every vessel has a unique inscription revealing tight an loose strings and places where two nets had been bound together. 'Enmeshed With the Fishermen' exhibits a special inconsistent glazing technique and the occasional use of bold blue coloring.