The Portable Wakasa Japanese Drink Revives the Body with Garlic and Apricot

 - Jun 2, 2016
References: japantrendshop
Offering an alternative revitalizing source to coffee and tea is the Waska Japanese Apricot Health Drinking Energy Powder that utilizes the contrasting tastes and benefits of fruit and garlic to provide a natural source of vitality. The energy drink is served in a powdered format and packaged in individual sticks for quick and on-the-go mixing into beverages.

Finding a natural source of energy is important to many consumers aiming to put less synthetic products into their bodies that still provide a vitality boost. The Waska Japanese powdered drinks contain a blend of Fukui Prefecture apricot juice and garlic to naturally stimulate and awaken the body. The sweet fruit notes disguise the taste of the pungent herb while still utilizing its blood-pumping qualities. The drinks come in single serve packages that are perfectly portioned to add to water.