The Wyss Institute's Lung-on-a-Chip Has the Potential to End Animal Testing

 - Sep 2, 2014
References: & treehugger
Over the past five years, Harvard scientists at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering have been working away on a chip that could end animal testing forever. In July, a start-up company was created to commercialize these organ chips, which has the potential to save over 100 million lives of animals that are annually used to test a range of products.

The Lung-on-a-Chip is small, clear and veiny, designed to mimic a human's lungs and allow researchers to experiment with a variety of drugs to see how blood and lung cells respond. In the future, this technology will be able to provide insight into how individual people will respond to medications and products as well, since the chips are like miniature replicas of parts of the human body.