'THERO' Offers a Tangible Solution to Online Security

 - May 26, 2017
References: romantorre.net & psfk
There are many encryption devices that have been created to protect individual data, but they tend to offer little peace of mind, as the average consumer is left unsure if any safeguarding measures have actually been put in place. THERO takes the form of a tangible desktop object that works like a tap, a key or a doorknob that closes off and locks access to one's online interactions.

The prototype for THERO was created by Ramon Torre and √Āngeles Angulo, who decided to give the desktop device a bold geometric form that is aesthetically pleasing and precious, yet also has the qualities of an idol or talisman.

As THERO's creators describe, the tangible web security and privacy concept imagines "four degrees of privacy, to limit unwanted pages, warn of unwanted devices that connect to the local network, surf anonymously through the TOR network."