Hanyoung Lee's Virtual Wall

 - Apr 21, 2008   Updated: Apr 7 2011
References: yankodesign
The Virtual Wall conceived by Hanyoung Lee is designed to heighten driver and pedestrian awareness and to encourage both to follow crosswalk rules. The virtual wall which is made of plasma laser beams, shows virtual pedestrians jaywalking and ignoring traffic rules of pedestrian safety.

I am not quite following this concept here. But the virtual wall looks nice!

Implications - Concept traffic lights have been laid out, but they're never actually put into production. Hanyoung Lee's virtual wall is a unique way of bringing concepts to life. While it's a piece of art that won't be permanent, it's a creative way to encourage safety among pedestrians and drivers. Perhaps this is an indication that businesses should consider putting some of these concept designs into production for the sake of a safer environment.