This New Health Initiative Aims to Empower People with Asthma

Australian sports legend Dawn Fraser is aiding in a new campaign that seeks to empower people with asthma to take greater control of their condition. According to recent surveys, many asthmatic individuals report uncontrolled symptoms despite access to available medicine. The new campaign seeks to raise awareness about how patients can better manage their asthma symptoms.

The new health initiative is called 'Asthma Know Your Options' and the goal is to help patients become more active in how their condition is managed. The campaign runs regular ads online and encourages users to support the cause with the hashtag '#AsthmaKnowYourOption.' By increasing public awareness about asthma, the goal is to encourage patient empowerment.

The campaign also relies on celebrity endorsement to further promote its message. Olympic simmer Dawn Fraser proudly supports the campaign, having suffered from asthma herself since childhood.