The Emobile Concept Phone Lets You Instantly Reconfigure Your Cellphone

 - Sep 25, 2011
References: & industrialdesignserved
Designer Jason J. Lee is bringing modular design to mobile phones with the Emobile concept phone. The Emobile is split into four pieces -- a speaker, body, button and mic -- that can be rearranged to create several different devices.

Users who like small cellphones can remove sections of the Emobile to shorten its overall size. Those who prefer larger phones can add both keyboard and screen pieces to the phone to increase its messaging and multimedia capabilities. A phone that can separate into several pieces is an awesome idea, but it seems to be a little ahead of its time. Still, designers have been creating more and more add-ons for phones, such as the iPhone keyboard attachment, so a customizable phone with removable parts like the Emobile concept phone may not be such a crazy concept.