At-Risk Women Craft Kantha Bae's Embroidered Products

 - Oct 25, 2018
References: kanthabae
Embroidered products carry with themselves an aura of authenticity, as they are often professionally handmade, colorful and richly textured. Kantha Bae grants consumers access to beautifully manufactured items for the home — from chunky knits and Kantha quilts to pareos and dhurrie rugs. In addition, the label extends itself to clothing and accessories for women and babies.

The brand's key design embellishment is Kantha embroidery — a popular technique in India, and the ethical production practices communicate hope and empowerment for the community. The business teaches women survivors how to create embroidered products and jewelry, giving them an opportunity to earn a fair wage and sustain a family. Moreover, Kantha Bae arranges for its worker's children to be "cared for in whole and safe environments."