Imaginary Friend by Analogue Photographer Ellen Rogers is Haunting

 - May 6, 2011
References: weheart & viceland
Although editorials rich with color and design can be found around almost every corner, it is not so often that there is one that emits an eerie feel while still emulating elegance. Imaginary Friend by Ellen Rogers for Vice Magazine’s Fashion Issue is darkly haunting, leaving you feeling slightly disturbed while still marveling at its beauty.

Ellen Rogers creates this editorial which features two girls who appear almost as ghosts with their vampire-like pale skin and long dark hair. The unique look of the images is created by the photographer who only uses an analogue technique in her work. Photoshop has not been used at all to create the effects in these photos. Rogers only manipulates the images in the dark room using old school techniques.

Imaginary Friend by Ellen Rogers may leave you a little creeped out, but its images will haunt you with their ethereal beauty.