The 'Eliport' Autonomous Ground Vehicle Completes Short-Range Deliveries

 - Mar 8, 2018
References: eliport & tuvie
The immense potential of robotics for urban areas is realized with the conceptual 'Eliport' autonomous ground vehicle that would enable companies to perform short-range deliveries without the need for traditional delivery personnel.

The unit works by being loaded with goods and set off into the urban area with the delivery in tow to seamlessly navigate pedestrian areas and roads with ease. This would allow for the instantaneous delivery of goods immediately after a purchase is made online rather than having companies wait until they have a full truck to deliver or waste fuel on smaller loads.

The conceptual 'Eliport' autonomous ground vehicle identifies the potential future for robotic solutions in urban and rural areas as the modern market expands to require streamlined ways to get goods around.