Jake Eadie's Invention Offers Upright Mobility

 - Jun 24, 2009   Updated: Mar 24 2011
References: coroflot
These elevating wheelchairs were designed by Melbourne, Australia’s Jake Eadie.

Powered by an electric suspension mechanism, these wheelchairs give the users more mobility than traditional seated wheelchairs, as they can change posture more freely to nearly a fully upright position.

As pictured here, the user’s body would be at a slight angle, but nearly perfectly vertical.

Implications - Advances in technology have allowed for incredible enhancements in healthcare, especially in the design of innovations that help disabled persons. With better design and functionality, these innovations allow anyone, regardless of ability, to function as normal human beings in society. Companies that are able to provide the best functional designs in this area will most likely garner consumer loyalty for years to come.