“Is that a gun in your pocket?” “You bet, and it is about to shoot neatly packed condoms at you!”

This ironic condom toy gun is only one of the thrilling works from a line called Honey Trap. A condom case shaped like a handgun lets you enjoy safe sex with a playful sense of danger. I guess you can really protect yourself with this one!

Next came a series of cushions. The first is “Queen Save the Man,” which features a ballroom mask that is affixed with magnets for easy removal.

The next in the cushion series was “Bride in Black.” This cushion allows you to place your wrists through lace cuffs, so that the hands appear to be holding a bouquet. This is one spiced up cushion you wouldn't necessarily find on your grandmother's sofa: Your wrists are placed in the black lace sleeves so it appears the person is holding a wedding bouquet.

The next cushion in the series features a horse whose tail can be removed and clipped onto lingerie. The tail is connected with a silver ring, which can be slipped over a finger and swung around like a whip. This is real horse hair and wig hair for the whip.

Next is a coffin shaped sanitary box with a cross on top.