The Electromagnetic Rodent Repellent is Cruelty-Free

 - Sep 12, 2013
References: & adsoftheworld
The Electromagnetic Rodent Repellent has been designed to keep your house pest free, all the while not hurting animals.

Typically, no one wants unwanted rats or mice in your home. They can ruin furniture, they make a mess, and frankly, they're scary. Unfortunately, there aren't many options to get rid of them that don't require killing them. That's what makes the rodent repellent different, and they are capitalizing on that fact in their ad campaign.

Their ads show a rat walking out the front door. Since the rodent doesn't want to live with the repellent, it's just packing up and leaving, with no harm done to you or them. This is a cute ad that demonstrates the positives of cruelty-free prevention.

Hopefully, the Electromagnetic Rodent Repellent ads will convince consumers to stay humane when trying to get rid of pests.