This Speaker Uses Electromagnetic Induction to Amplify Sounds

 - Jul 12, 2015
References: oaxis & blessthisstuff
'Oaxis' has created a hassle-free speaker system that uses electromagnetic induction to amplify the music coming from your phone. The 'Bento Speaker' is completely wireless, making it perfect for camping and outdoor parties.

To use the device, simply place your smartphone on the induction pad on the top of the speaker. The device uses the power of electromagnetic induction to amplify your sounds and play your music at speaker-level volume. This unique technology means that the Bento Speaker can deliver impressive 360 degree omnidirectional audio, without the use of cables, Bluetooth, infrared or even WiFi.

The device contains a high capacity lithium battery, which allows it to last for six hours on a single charge.The simplicity of this handy device means that you can keep the party going for hours, without the need to sync your devices or sort though tangled cables.