The Electrolux SaltSpoon Self-Scoops Your Desired Serving

 - Aug 8, 2012
References: flickr & electroluxdesignlab
You might wonder why you'd want to bring yet another implement into your stuffed kitchen drawer, but the Electrolux SaltSpoon would not disappoint. Actually, it comes with an assortment of different attachments that make it a valuable versatile apparatus keep have handy.

Its primary purpose is as a reservoir for salt, pepper or other herbs or spices that can be easily measured and sprinkled over a meal. The hollow wooden handle acts as a compartment for holding finely ground substances, and these can escape though an opening in the custom-chosen end of Barbora Adamonyte's kitchen gadget.

The benefit of using the Electrolux SaltSpoon over a regular table scooper is that it measures out exact quantities for you, and right from inside the stem. Whether your priority is portion control or culinary accuracy, this instrument would be an integral part of your food preparation process.