The Electrolux Ingresure
 Examines the Balance of Flavors in Your Recip

 - Aug 8, 2012
References: flickr & electroluxdesignlab
The Electrolux Ingresure
 is especially suited for people without a natural knack for cooking. You know you should be sampling your dish as it stews, but if you haven't the fine-tuned taste buds necessary to detect a disharmony, what good is it to have a recipe that requires an intuition for spices?

This innovative culinary appliance is a tech-infused stirring spoon that has sensors embedded into its bulbous base. It detects the ingredients of your piping hot food, analyzes the savory balance and indicates what might be missing in a digital icon on its handle. Designer Jongwoo Choi
 integrated the Electrolux Ingresure's glowing display with a wireless symbol, a literal description of the type of meal and the image of the seasoning necessary to improve one's supper.