This Electric Paint Pen Produces Real Electrically Conductive Paint

UK-based technology and design studio Bare Collective developed this incredible electric paint pen, which produces a water-soluble black paint that dries in minutes. The paint is electrically conductive, making it perfect for designing and repairing electronic circuits.

The electric paint pen can be used to repair electronics and can also be produced to draw graphical circuits, making it an excellent prototyping tool for makers and DIYers pursuing creative or even highly technical projects. It can even be used in classrooms for special projects.

The electric paint pen's conductive paint can be applied to a variety of materials, including paper, cardboard, wood, metal, plaster, rubber, plastic and many textiles.

is non-toxic, solvent-free and water-soluble and only becomes conductive once dry. Since the paint is water-soluble, it can be easily removed using soap and water.