This High Tech Electric Motorcycle is a Stealthy Law Enforcement Tool

 - Feb 23, 2013
References: zeromotorcycles & wired
This electric motorcycle could very well be the law enforcement vehicle of the future.

Developed by Zero Motorcycles, the 2013 Zero DS Motorcycle not only can get up to speeds of 95 mph, but can also stretch out 70-112 miles of riding before needing a recharge. But that's not what makes this electric motorcycle special. Since the Zero DS relies on electric propulsion, it's the quietest, stealthiest bike out there today. This means police can do their patrols without disturbing the peace of an area and can quietly sneak up on people if the situation calls for it.

In fact, the Zero Motorcycles have been so successful in the field that law enforcement agencies across the United States have adopted the electric motorcycle into their fleets. "To have the support of so many different law enforcement agencies and security organizations is an incredible honor," said John Lloyd, VP of global sales for Zero Motorcycles.