The Egg Separator Provides a Complete Division of Yolk and White

 - Aug 1, 2012
References: tommyhawes & yankodesign
Some foods are messy and the egg is one of them. Preparing one simply can leave you with gooey fingers but carrying out more advanced exercises is much more of a challenge. The Egg Separator makes the process of obtaining plain yolk or just the white an effortless one -- not to mention a clean one.

The cylindrical apparatus is loaded with a single egg, with its shell and completely intact. A turn of the top and bottom of the culinary contraption breaks the fragile exterior and allows the insides of the edible to escape free of shell shards. Tommy Hawes' gadget collects the solid ingredient in one compartment and the liquid part in another. The cook can then open the Egg Separator to retrieve the portion he requires for his recipe.