Eduardo Izquierdo Captures Raw Emotion in his Subjects

The first thing that strikes one when looking through Eduardo Izquierdo's selected portfolio is his ability to capture genuine, raw emotion on the faces of his models.

Eduardo Izquierdo is a portrait photographer from Bloomington, Indiana, and his work represents a sort of Midwestern honesty, thanks to his ability to draw incredibly expressive poses from his subjects. They are often young, attractive, and sexy. The shots vary in theme, but he manages to highlight sensuality, a disaffected swagger, and mystery in an equally emotionally charged manner.

My favorite image in the Eduardo Izquierdo portfolio features a gorgeous, young model in a sheer lingerie top. Both of her arms are over her head, as she stares at the ground in an aloof fashion. The shot perfectly illustrates why I find Eduardo Izquierdo's talent so intriguing. The shot is undeniably sexy, but it also features a strong element of mystery and confusion. A photog with the ability to do that in a single picture has a bright future in fashion photography. Keep an eye out for Eduardo Izquierdo. It's only a matter of time before major fashion magazines come calling.