Parker's Crazy Cookies Put Your Mug on a Baked Confection

Now you can tell your friends "bite me" and not mean it as an insult with one of Parker’s Crazy Cookies' custom cookies. Parker’s Crazy Cookies is a California-based company that specializes in unique and one-of-a-kind cookie designs. For a truly custom order, the company will even make a cookie with your face on it. All you have to do is send Parker’s a photo of yourself and their artist will go to work crafting your perfect caricature in cookie form.

The sugar cookies, which are reminiscent of animal crackers, take about two to three weeks to design and deliver. The wait is worth it for the amazing, edible work of art you’ll receive. Parker’s custom cookies are perfect for celebratory occasions that honor select individuals, such as birthdays, graduations or weddings. They would even make for a nifty business card. So if you’re looking for a self-portrait that looks as good as it tastes, look no further than Parker’s Crazy Cookies.