Edible Art Cookies are as Beautiful as They are Delicious

 - Feb 23, 2013
References: foodiggity & spoon-tamago
Artist Risa Hirai creates edible art cookies, which are a mesmerizing and meticulous treat to look at as well as enjoy.

A senior at Tama Art University, Ms. Hirai creates items that reference her Japanese heritage. She creates such scrumptious treats as cookies made to look like a bonsai tree and even goes as far as making an entire sukiyaki dinner. The edible art cookies, which provide a sweet experience for your tastebuds, is so beautifully made that it may be hard not to treat them as pieces of art rather then as food. Her intent for making these edible art pieces was to attract art seekers to her gallery exhibit by way of the stomach.

For those residing in Tokyo, her work will be on display March 11-16th at the Gallery Tokyo Humanite.