The ‘Ecriture Infinie' Project Will be a Hidden Treasure

Bili Bidjocka and Simon Njami are traveling the world inviting various industry professionals to sign in a ginormous book and this spectacular project is titled ‘Ecriture Infinie’ Project. The creators try to explore the various intriguing forms of handwriting.

As each individual fills in the book, the process is documented and filmed so that you can study the extremely unique writing styles. Starting at the Mori Art Museum in 2006, this project celebrates the art of handwriting. Once each book is completed, it is sealed and hidden away for a lucky person to discover in the future. Not surprisingly, handwritten pieces of art might completely vanish in the coming years due to digital technology that is becoming more overwhelming each and every day.

The final eighth book in the collection is a massive one that was debuted last week in Italy at the Festivaletteratura.