This Eco-Friendly Grill Uses Wood as a Renewable Energy Source

 - Jan 6, 2016
References: woodflame & woodflame
The 'Gusto' is an eco-friendly grill that uses wood as a renewable energy source. The majority of BBQs rely on propane or natural gas, both of which are produced by fossil fuels. This portable BBQ uses hardwood instead in order to provide a more sustainable grilling option.

The Gusto is an eco-friendly grill that uses hardwood and oxygen to cook food. When wood is added to the grill, the burner begins feeding the flames with oxygen. This process allows the wood to reach the optimal combustion temperature and eliminate any toxins that may be found in the wood. This also means that consumers can avoid the resinous and carcinogenic derivatives that come from other grilling methods. As a result, using hardwood serves as a more ecological grilling solution.

Not only is the eco-friendly grill more sustainable than an ordinary BBQ, but it is also smaller and more compact. As a result, the Gusto is the perfect outdoor accessory for eco-conscious consumers who may have limited outdoor space.