Hong Kong's Eco Smart Home Offers Compact Opulence and Smart Technologies

The Eco Smart Home is a unique studio apartment, located in Hong Kong's central business district, that makes use of innovative design approaches to take a cramped space of just 400 square feet and turn it into a spacious and luxurious smart home.

Developed by Liquid Interiors, this apartment is equipped with circadian lighting that mimics the sun's illumination, while double-glazed windows minimize sound. Hydraulic gears and transforming furniture are used to enable occupants to maximize storage in a manner that doesn't infringe on the amount of space they can enjoy during their day-to-day dwelling. The space is even equipped with an open air roof that adds to the feeling of spaciousness.

The Eco Smart Home shows that compactness, luxury, eco-friendly features and smart technology can absolutely exist in one package, something which is important particularly in exorbitantly expensive cities like Hong Kong.