Eco-Beauty by TOMAAS is Dark, Dramatic and Tribal

 - Feb 16, 2012
References: tomaas &
The photo series titled Eco-Beauty by TOMAAS is as beautiful as it is eerie. The portraits are dark, dramatic and entirely exotic. Encompassing the idea of all thing eco, the materials used for the photo shoot are either repurposed or natural.

Shot for Vogue, the series Eco-Beauty by TOMAAS has a tribal theme. From the elaborate, organic headdresses to the colorfully painted faces, the models look like terrifyingly beautiful warriors. Instead of being photographed outdoors in a lush forest, the portrait series was clearly shot in studio. The black backdrop acts like a void that is about to swallow up each model. It gives them a haunted, shadowed look that accentuates the angles of their faces as well as the makeup and accessories.