The New EatingWell Frozen Dinners are Both Nutritious and Convenient

The magazine brand EatingWell is now selling a line of frozen entrees that are designed to give fans an easier way to eat healthy. Not only do the meals reflect the publication's commitment to nutrition and living a balanced lifestyle, but they are also free from the artificial colors, flavors and preservatives that many consumers are shying away from.

The EatingWell frozen entrees consist of eight complete meals that provide a healthy balance of protein, whole grains and vegetables. The meals come in a wide range of flavorful options that range from Moroccan Inspired Chicken to Cherry Port Pork. Beyond the use of delicious and healthy ingredients, the meals are also free from artificial additives and the meat used comes from animals raised without antibiotics.

EatingWell's new line of frozen dinners is likely to appeal to time-pressed consumers looking for quick and easy-to-prepare options that don't sacrifice nutritional quality.