Follow the Rapid Shifts in the Female Adornment Sector

 - Mar 18, 2012
References: trendreports
Ear adornments are a classic go-to ware for women. This jewelry niche has taken on new shapes and shades, always in line with the season and popular demands. Fashion houses and gemstone specialists have tailored their pieces to suit clientele needs, often producing specialty or limited-edition lines heralded by buyers. The Earring Trend Report is essential for anyone in the ornamental industry and the associated realms of clothing, makeup and film.

The desire for chic pieces has spurred skeletal and even cavalier earring styles. Nothing is considered too taboo for this jewelry genre, making it a playful realm for consumers to explore. Socially aware concepts like 'Ecocessories' have also been launched, and have managed to keep up with the contemporary green movement. This and many other concepts are broken down within the Earring Trend Report, featuring 434 trailblazing accessories and 47 PRO Trends.