Bone Conduction Headphone Vonia EZ-4200P

 - Aug 15, 2007   Updated: Apr 11 2011
References: raremonoshop
The Bone Conduction Headphone Vonia EZ-4200P does what normal headphones do - they let you 'listen' to music. They do this, however, by vibrating your ear bones. I thought we had already accomplished this with the pounding of bass.

"Bone conduction is the conduction of sound to the inner ear through the bones of the skull. “Bone Conduction Headphone” transforms electric signals to mechanical vibration and transfer sounds to the internal ear through the cranial bones."

Implications - It is said that the young, deaf Beethoven composed music by use of vibrations from a wooden dowel he would bite down on, placing the other end on a piano and thus, allowing him to "hear." This same technology can be applied much easier and more efficiently in today's technologically advanced society, providing help to those with disabilities.