The Each X Other Fall/winter 2014/2015 Advertisements Are Emotional

 - Aug 30, 2014
References: each-other & fashioncopious.typepad
The Each x Other Fall/Winter 2014/2015 campaign takes viewers into the angst-ridden portrayal of models Beth Edwards, Kate Bogucharskaia, Simon Nygard and Lena Hardt. In the series put together by photographer Elina Kechicheva, the solemn team stares ahead without a single smirk.

A black and white filter contributed to the somber tones present in this Each x Other advertisement. The gloomy nature of the image makes it all the more captivating, drawing in viewers not only to the apparel, but also to the palpable drama at hand.

Albeit the lack of color, there is no mistaking the pieces that are on display in this collection. Showcased by way of the picture are leopard print jackets, sleek overalls and houndstooth sweaters.