DyeCat Technology Keeps Fabric Color Permanently Vivid

 - Jan 8, 2011
References: dyecat
DyeCat is an innovative company that seeks to put an end to the wasteful and largely inefficient fabric-coloring methods that currently contribute huge amounts of pollution to the environment.

In order to achieve this incredible feat, DyeCat's new technology permanently bonds dye molecules to textiles without sacrificing any of their vibrancy—a move that could spell the long-awaited end of washing machine catastrophes. But best of all, DyeCat miraculously doesn’t use any water in its dying process, which could drastically cut down on the staggering volume of worldwide water waste that results from fabric-dying, while also helping to create more vivid and cheerful fashions.

Thanks to DyeCat, the future of sustainable and environmentally friendly fashions has never looked more optimistically bright.