The DyDo Super Mario Coffee Puts Warp Pipes on Cups of Joe

The DyDo Super Mario coffee collaboration celebrates two anniversaries. The first is the 40th anniversary of DyDo Blend called Blend Coffee, a canned coffee drink. The second, and the one likely to be more familiar to gamers, is the 30th anniversary of the release of 'Super Mario Bros.' The promotion sees the drink company's cans turning into the game's warp pipes. Inside each pipe is a pixelated character from the Mario world!

There are eight figures in total, with each one looking nearly identical to its in-game counterpart. The warp pipe placed atop each can isn't just for looks; it serves as a stand for the figurines. According to RocketNews24, the DyDo Super Mario coffee cans sell for less than $1 and will be available until supplies are exhausted.