'Dwellings in Toulouse' Make the Most of the Building Craftsmanship

Located in France, 'Dwellings in Toulouse' tries to make the most of the talented craftsmanship of builders in the area. The structure was completed by Mateo Arquitectura from Spain, and the goal was to make the space into an ideal domestic setting.

The house takes on a monochromatic look, with the materials used being brick in the colors of mostly black and white. Moreover, the bricks are laid out to create patterns on the outside of the building, giving it a pixelated look. To separate the different sections of the structure with something other than walls, the firm also placed prominent balconies with each space, where residences can enjoy the outdoors.

Dwellings in Toulouse shows how different colored bricks have more potential than most people imagine.

Photo Credits: designboom, mateo-maparchitect