Dutch's Spirits is Based on a Gangster in New York

Dutch's Spirits was designed by Katie Mulligan, and is based off the mob man Dutch Schultz. To keep this gangster style infused in the images for the brand, Mulligan used font that evokes this older time in New York.

Mulligan gives a bit of background on the mob boss on Package Inspiration: "Known for his famous bootlegging operation in the Catskill Mtns, Schultz made his fortune through organized crime. Eighty years later, what was once an illegal clandestine distillery with a sprawling network of tunnels, bunkers, and false chimneys has become an operating business." The flavours available with this brand include items such as Apple Moonshine, Honey Whiskey and Peach Brandy to name a few. Certain bottles even come in an older wooden crate.