The 'Ringring' by In-House Design is Structurally Strong

 - Jan 16, 2013
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The 'Ringring' is a unique piece of jewelry designed to be creatively appealing and also functionally durable. The name of the product stems from the fact that it is designed with a contrast of glossy and matte surfaces, giving the appearance of a ring within a ring.

These unique accessories are hand-crafted using durable materials including natural agate and onyx. The use of these materials gives the rings a tough and hard exterior, protecting them from any bumps or scratches that may come their way. These industrial-like accessories are a creative approach in combining style and practicality. Nobody wants accessories that easily fall apart and break, and these tough and resistant rings will surely last you for a while to come.

While tough in their durability, these rings are actually low in density, making them lightweight and easy-to-wear.