The DUNElab Project Anticipates a Futuristic Societal Infrastructure

 - Jan 17, 2013
References: diadessau.tumblr & suckerpunchdaily
The unearthly architecture that you're seeing in these images represent a master plan for a new type of metropolis. The DUNElab proposal involves artificially intelligent technology from the first stages of surveying to the final stages of construction as an apparently paradoxical way to learn from nature's shapes and fluctuations.

The initial desert dune field would be analyzed by mobile robots in order to better understand the changes in the sand, rock and any vegetation. Seemingly abstract forms are then actually printed to enclose a system of interior spaces. Like the veins of a leaf, the mass's skeleton branches out to occupy more horizontal area. Translucent sheets provide shelter from the elements in Timothee Raison, Asa Darmatriaji and Olga Kovrikova's DUNElab concept.