Dulux Imagines a World That's Totally Colorless and Gray

 - Mar 15, 2014
References: dulux & creativecriminals
This Dulux paint ad begins in a very sad world completely devoid of color, making a fairly convincing case for how drab everything would be without some of the hues of the rainbow to liven it up.

The 'Color Prohibition' commercial follows the story of a rather depressed woman, who one day wanders out onto the streets, where a shipment of paint cans seems to be in the process of being smuggled into the colorless world. There's a gunfight and paint is spilled, but during the chaos, the woman is able to sneak one of the small paint cans into her jacket and take it home.

Scandalously, she paints the blue color onto her walls and it's soon revealed that her entire apartment complex has followed suit too, painting their walls a range of colors to brighten up their lives. The ad is supported by #ChangeYourStory, which goes to show the impact a fresh coat of paint can have.