Drymer v0.5

 - Nov 3, 2007   Updated: Jun 22 2011
References: bornrich.org
The electrically assisted Drymer v0.5 recumbent bike adds some serious style to the green movement. Recumbent bikes are so much more comfortable than the usual bike, having wider seats, a laid back position, fairings and other accessories that make it a fun way to tour. This recumbent isn't as geeky as most. It has a small electric motor that will give you an assist on those long grades.

Implications - While the green movement has many consumers changing their lifestyles, many consumers are hesitant to do so on account of having to give up their high quality of living standards. Businesses that are able to provide eco-friendly products that do not compromise comfort or convenience will appeal to a large clientele of on-the-fence eco-conscious consumers.