The Drunk Person Identification System Uses Thermal Imaging

 - Sep 13, 2012
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Being inebriated can potentially bring a lot of harm to the boozer and the people he or she is surrounded by, but sometimes it can be hard to recognize the signs of a drunk; the Drunk Person Identification system would help greatly in that department. It uses thermal infrared images to analyze people's faces. By scanning the temperature of a person's forehead and nose, the color of the skin can determine their level of drunkenness.

Developed by Georgia Koukiou and Vassilis Anastassopoulos from the University of Patras in Greece, the Drunk Person Identification software relies on the fact that blood vessels beneath the skin dilate when a person is inebriated, causing the forehead to remain cool while the nose heats up. The system uses this information to reliably identify the intoxicated.