This New Drug Implant Releases Medicine When Magnets Move Over It

 - Mar 11, 2017
References: ubc & springwise
This drug implant developed at the University of British Columbia is able to release dosages regularly using magnets. Every time a magnet passes over the tiny implant (it's considerably smaller than a Canadian Loony), it releases a prescribed dose of medicine.

Developed by a team from UBC's biomedical engineering program, the minuscule medical device can be used to treat a wide variety of health conditions, especially for those requiring personalized medicine doses at different times during the day. This includes people dealing with diabetes, undergoing chemotherapy or taking hormone treatments.

The drug implant is made out of a silicon sponge surrounded by polymer-encased magnetic ion particles. When a magnet goes over it, the iron moves and allows the sponge to change shape and release medicine to the area around it.