Drops Chandelier and Wall Light Emit Reflective and Fluid Qualities

 - Jul 25, 2012
References: industrialdesignserved
As far as styles of light fixtures go, the chandelier is a very old type. The Drops Chandelier and Wall Light are adaptations of old-fashioned lamps but they have been sculpted with an intense futurism that's fit for only the most cutting-edge of interiors.

Vladimir Tomilov was inspired by the form of a raindrop, natural and beautiful with a lovely transparent reflectivity. The organic form was then manipulated into a gleaming chrome-coated component with an exaggerated curl, multiplied and bound together into an eight-piece pendant lamp. The shape of the wall-mounted scones follows suit, contorting away from the flat surface. Every piece of the Drops Chandelier and Wall Light plays off of its mirrored metallic shell, while emitting bright LED illumination from its subtle central strips.