The Start-Up DroneShield Monitors and Warns of Approaching Drones

 - Sep 1, 2015
References: droneshield & brinknews
After a drone evaded security to covertly drop marijuana, heroin and tobacco into an Ohio prison yard, a drone detector may no longer sound like an extreme piece of technology -- more like a necessary piece of equipment for any security system.

DroneShield is a startup company that builds a drone detector for use in airports, prisons, commercial venues like stadiums and arenas, government buildings and even personal protection of important political figures or company executives. The drone detector's sensor can even alert users to the presence of drones that slip past traditional radar and radio-frequency monitors.

Drones are increasingly becoming part of everyday life, with commercial ventures like Amazon's drone delivery service being developed for faster, more efficient customer service. Drones are bringing a lot of benefits to our world, and with services like the DroneShield drone detector, we can integrate them into society with minimal impact.