The Drop Rest Mug Ensures that Coffee Drinkers Never Spill Again

 - May 29, 2013
References: spicytec
This drip-free coffee mug, called the 'Drop Rest Mug,' is a genius design by Kim Keun Ae that prevents coffee from staining papers, desks or clothing. By inserting a little indented ridge that encircles the bottom of the mug drops can never reach the table or papers on which its placed since the coffee drops become stuck in the ridge. The design is so simple but effective. With this ridge the coffee drops never completely ensuring that coffee drinkers don't ruin their outfits or important documents.

The drip-free coffee mug is an awesome invention that's perfect for coffee drinkers around the world. Using the properties of surface tension Kim Keun Ae has created a minimalist design with great effects. Never has coffee drinking been cleaner or less threatening to an all-white outfit.