Shikun Sun's DrawBraille Phone is a Conceptual Cell for the Sightless

 - Aug 26, 2011
References: designbuzz
The blind are one step closer to getting a smartphone of their own thanks to designs like the DrawBraille Phone. The DrawBraille Phone is a conceptual cellphone designed to be used solely by the blind.

The entire braille alphabet plus numbers zero through nine are present on the DrawBraille Phone's keypad. Text is input on the phone's display screen using the keypad as a sort of legend. Input from the phone's display is translated and read on the phone's keypad. The battery status of the phone can also be checked via touch, with one raised dot equaling one bar of battery and so on.

Admittedly, the DrawBraille Phone looks a little complicated to use. This however is a good thing, as a phone designed for the blind should not be easy to use by those with sight. You can check out a demo of the DrawBraille Phone in action here.