Artist Dr. Rev Illustrates Surreal Scenes Using His Own Bodily Fluids

 - May 9, 2012
References: & odditycentral
The popular adage is that artists suffer for their work, but the man known as Dr. Rev may be one of the few people who actually experience pain whenever he wants to paint something. That’s because his medium of choice is blood, specifically his own blood, which he drains regularly in order to create the crimson images you’re currently browsing. There’s no denying that Dr. Rev is a technically proficient artist, but the fact that a physical part of him goes into every masterpiece he makes just demonstrates how hardcore he is.

Dr. Rev, who also likes being referred to as "Bloodpainter," currently resides in Australia. He considers himself a highly passionate man who wants to challenge people’s conventional perception of blood, rendering realistic images with the vital bodily fluid.