The Dr Bird Juicer is Hummingbird-inspired

 - Jul 14, 2012
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Wake up to freshly squeezed juice made using the Dr Bird Juicer. This beautiful crafted ceramic birdie will have breakfast-lovers quenching their orange juice thirst and design-lovers gawking at its artistic qualities. Gaining inspiration from the red-billed Streamertail hummingbird, which is Jamaica’s national bird, this artful kitchen accessory will make concentrated orange juice a thing of the past. Boasting intricate detailing, this manual hummingbird-inspired juicer brings a splash of design to an often mundane kitchen tool.

Using the beak as the main juicing tool, the tool captures flavorful fruit juices and stores them in the surrounding bowl basin. For added ease, the Dr Bird Juicer also features floral accents around the base that double as pouring spouts.

For all the early birds out there, this juicer will brighten up mornings and breakfast encounters so the day can start off right.