These DPCTED Apparel Shirts are Witty and Wearable

 - Jun 1, 2011
References: etsy
These trendy tees will make a statement wherever you go -- literally.

Artist Scott Hutcheson is the garment god behind the witty and wearable DPCTED Apparel line. This clever clothing line is comprised of a collection of comfortable t-shirts, all which boast minimal, but very memorable, designs. Although Hutcheson only uses two colors on each of his shirts, the witty words color the clothing with cleverness.

Hutcheson's tees speak for themselves and each sports bold statements. These clothing captions are clever, humorous and charming. Too afraid to tell that preciously pudgy postman how you really feel? Simply pull on the DPCTED Apparel "I Heart Chubby Guys" tee and he's "guaran-tee'd" to take the hint.

Scott Hutcheson's DPCTED Apparel t-shirt line is laughable and lovely; this clever clothing makes wit wearable and washable.