The Latest Douglas Gordon Installation Involves 150,000 Gallons of Water

 - Dec 11, 2014
References: mymodernmet
Once housing Ann Hamilton's adult playground, The Park Avenue Armory currently houses the latest Douglas Gordon installation. Flooding the entirety of the warehouse with 150,000 gallons of water, the art exhibit holds two pianos in the middle of the venue, allowing their presence to reflect off of the water. Douglas Gordon wanted to created a reflective canvas made of water.

The installation is called 'Tears Become...Streams Become...'. With French pianist, Hélène Grimaud, playing ten performances of water-themed works on a Steinway in the center of the armory. At first, when the audience arrives, the area is dry. Then, as Grimaud starts to play, the room begins to flood, becoming a reflective pool that creates the illusion that the space has doubled in depth.